Friday, July 15, 2011

Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis

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RE3: Nemesis canonically takes place parallel to RE2. It was developed roughly alongside Code Veronica for the Dreamcast and as such, both games share similar features with one another, such as exploding barrels and the 180-turn. What sets RE3 apart from other games in the series is of course the Nemesis himself. He is stronger than you, faster then you, completely merciless, and is by the far the most intelligent enemy in the original trilogy, and will not stop until you are dead. On top of having new dodge moves, and the fact that enemies can now walk up and down stairs, you will need all your wits to make one last stand in this god-forsaken city.
There are 2 difficulties in this game. Easy and Hard.
Easy mode makes it more accessible to RE4/RE5 fans. Hard Mode is there for RE vets and horror enthusiasts.

This game supports Dual Shock, takes 1 block on the memory card, and some first timers may spend up to 8-10 hours completing it. Completing the game on Hard multiple times will unlock epilogue chapters for various characters from previous games and on top of that you also have the Mercenaries mini-game which you can play for money to unlock infinite ammo for weapons in the main game. So you're really looking at about 50+ hours in terms of re-playability. Happy hunting!

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